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About Briyani & Our Story

Simply put, biryani is a spiced mix of meat and rice. It is combined in different ways with a variety of components to create a number of highly tasty and unique flavor combinations. The delicious blend of biryani rice and complex flavours of spices gives a unique aroma to this Indian cuisine. If you’ve ever tasted biryani, you know what the hype is all about. After all, there’s no other dish in the world as royal and richly flavoured as biryani. Biryani is a mixed rice dish originating among the Muslims of South Asia.

We MUBARAK BEEF BRIYANI, started in the year of 1975 to make this delicious dish public in our hometown Vellore. We are consider this as an Art and put our extreme efforts and enjoying every moments to prepare this delicious food.

Delicious Biryani

Enjoy our delightful & mouthwatering traditional Briyani

Tasty Beef Pakoda

Our yummy Beef Pakoda which available all the day and its mandatory during the evening time snacks 🙂

Sweet & Soft Drinks

Must not miss our sweet beeda & drinks.

Our Specialties

We have experience more than 50 years in this yummy dish ‘Briyani’ field. Our expert masters are still have the same entuziasm to give the same taste to our happy Customers.

delicious beef briyani with raita

Briyani combo with raita and brinjal curry

Full plate Rs 120/- only
yummy beef pakoda

Different variety of pakoda with tasty masala mix

Plate Starts from Rs 40/- only